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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Do you have carpets that need to be cleaned, but worry about the cost and the disruption? Finding a good reliable firm that will treat you and your home with the respect that you deserve can be very hard. We at Day & Night Carpet cleaning are committed to providing our customers with a service to be proud of. Our rates are highly competitive and our operatives are trained to a high standard to provide the best and most thorough carpet cleaning with the absolute minimum of inconvenience to our customers.

We also care about Your Health, Safety and Peace of mind
Are there carpets the require washing in your home but you are bothered about the fact that it would disrupt the comfort of your home and the cost? Do you need a reliable cleaning professional that will get very your carpets a grand treatment and also prove affordable? Your search is over, we got you.
The Day and Night Carpet Cleaning team is ever prepared to provide you an outstanding service on these. Our prices are appealing, and our team is effectively trained in delivering nothing but the best without stressing our clients.

Our staff are highly courteous and will try to reduce disruption during operation at the least minimum. We are swift to action after you book an appointment with us in order to start and finish at the time we would both agree on and even before time so that your inconvenience will be reduced to the barest minimum. Your convenience is our watchword. Our equipment are first-class and high-tech to meet the best standard and make sure your carpets are not only neat and sparking but clean to the core, making it germ-free, hygienic and healthy for your family. We use Hydromaster steam cleaning machines which are the newest among commercial and residential steam cleaning gadgets. Our services for people living in residential properties include: carpet cleaning and refurbishment, drapery, rug and upholstery cleaning, duct and furnace cleaning, repair and cleaning of hardwood floor, tile and grout washing, paint and wall washing.

We keep our rates low and our quality high and try to build a good working relationship with the client so that they can get the service that they need at the prices they want. Our polite and helpful operatives will treat you and your home with respect, and cause the absolute minimum of disruption. When we take a booking we go all out to make sure that we start at the agreed time and finish promptly so that you and your family can get on with your lives.

We provide a wide range of services for residential property including: carpet cleaning and repair, drapery, shutter and blind cleaning, upholstery and rug cleaning, duct and furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, window cleaning, paint and wall washing, hardwood floor cleaning and repair and also tile and grout cleaning.

Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Day & Night Carpet Cleaning we appreciate that your flooring, drapery and fixtures always need to be spotless so that they reflect well on you and your business. We provide a highly effective service to ensure that your premises always look their best and with the absolute minimum of disruption. We always do the very best work at prices that will make your accountant smile. We are always prompt, professional and courteous.

Our services for commercial property include: carpet cleaning and repair, drapery, shutter and blind cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and repair, duct and furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and window cleaning.

Here at Day & Night Carpet Cleaning, we provide a professional and reliable service and look forward to meeting your cleaning needs.

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