Benefits of Calgary Carpet cleaning to clean and healthy homes

To maintain carpet’s quality there is need for regular cleaning. If the elimination of all the accumulated dirt within the fabric is thorough, the shelf life of the carpet would be prolonged. Owning quality carpet is an investment that should be protected. You are saving yourself lots of money from replacing your carpet, if you keep it cleaned and well maintained.

It is the need for this carpet cleaning that many companies manufactured so many carpet cleaning products. This makes the demand for the professional carpet cleaners to be on the increase with time. The development of technology and recent research has shown that there are various methods of cleaning carpet. Among all the methods, the most common is the vacuum cleaning couple with the use of chemical agents.

Various pollutants can get trapped deep down in your carpets, eventually making their way into the air and compromising your indoor air quality. Various types of dirt, dust, and dander, including pathogens like bacteria and mold spores, can cause allergic reactions, aggravate asthma, and otherwise cause health problems. Professional carpet cleaning from Day and night Carpet Cleaning can help keep your Calgary home as clean and hypoallergenic as possible, eliminating invisible threats to your family’s health.

What’s Lurking In Your Carpet?

The pollutants that get trapped in your carpet are largely microscopic, so even when they end up in the air, you still can’t see them.

Some of the nasty things that could be down there include:

  • Pet dander
  • Dead human skin cells
  • Soil particles
  • Assorted dust Mold spores

These materials may be inconspicuous, but they commonly act as allergens, causing respiratory problems, eye irritation, and other health problems. They can also harbor bacteria which could potentially be harmful. In fact, some epidemiologists estimate that these household biopollutants may be responsible for as many as one million hospital visits per year. Professional carpet cleaning can help eliminate these threats, which could make the air quality inside your home ten times worse than the air outside. Cleaner air will help keep you and your family safer and healthier, and professional carpet cleaning can help. So you really see that regular vacuuming isn't enough, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.


What are the benefits of carpet cleaning?

The materials and soft fabric of carpet creates warmth which is conducive for the proliferation of unwanted substances. The warmth created by the soft fabric make the carpet a breeding site of molds and fungal elements. Also, carpet in humid and cold environment like Calgary can cause growth of molds that could cause infections and skin diseases. The only thing that can hinder the formation and contamination of fungal is proper cleaning and maintenance of the carpet by chemical in the cleaning products.

Carpets often act as filters, trapping dust, dirt and other a substance that causes an allergic reaction. A dusty carpet in the humid environments attracts insects such as, bugs and beetles which can make your home accessible to bedbugs, flies and mosquitoes. Cleaning your carpet would not allow these insects to destroy the fibers of the carpet. It will also prevent foul smell from the insects which could lead to sickness, infections and irritation.

Proper cleaning of your carpet regularly will make it to maintain its form and beauty. Sand, dirt and other substances make up to the wear and tear of a carpet. Accumulation of sand, dirt and other particles can cause damages and discoloration of carpet. If by accident or intentionally something is spilled on the carpet, make it habit to clean it right away to avoid discoloration and fungal elements to pile up on its surface.  Don’t have it at the back of your mind that carpet hide all sort of dirt and leave it without clean. Whenever it is dirty, clean it immediately.

Regular carpet cleaning can be done properly with a vacuum cleaner at least 2 times per week to extend the life of your carpet. No matter what condition it is, we cannot avoid contamination and dust around our homes. Dust, such as sand, can actually scratch the good quality of the carpet fibers. Walk on the carpet; you do not want to b stepping on the sand on your carpet simply because it is dirty. Permanent wear and tear occurs due to dirt. So if you hire a professional or you do the cleaning yourself, schedule a regular basis for long-term savings.

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