Calgary Kitchen Renovations

Day and Night Home Improvement will give you the best in creating an awesome atmosphere in your kitchen for every guest. Our kitchen will give you 100% utility capabilities with amazingly beautiful furniture and wares. We help create your dream kitchen and make your living space a haven of elegance. A paradise on earth. We follow each project from inception till it is finally delivered according to your specifications. This is because we care much about quality service delivery from start to finish. We first get acquainted with your remodeling expectations and then we use this as a guide to prepare an estimate of cost of our service for you. Your choice determine everything from start to finish, all we do is to execute your preference with professionalism. Our prices will amaze you, they give you the best for the lowest possible. Our idea is to be elegant and not exorbitant.


To make you enjoy the luxury of comfort without putting you into trouble with your finances. We offer superb services in tiled flooring, installation of custom cabinet, custom pipes fitting, faucets and backsplash designs. We have professional who are trained and certified in each of these services to deliver the best of the best for your home.

We are a trusted team of specialist that knows our onions well and guarantee to provide an unmatched service to give your kitchen a whole new and exquisite appearance. Our team possess years of experience in quality service and customer service.


Our mission is to refurbish and transform your kitchen space with the latest sustainable wares and gadgets to which will help optimize your kitchen durability and energy efficiency while still maintaining design creativity.  Our vision is directed towards creating an aura of perfection where your cooking will be done. Your culinary activities should be done in a very comfortable environment to get the best food out of it. A beautiful kitchen will always bring forth a beautiful cooking as the creativity flows from environment to food, a coherence of quality. We would like you to enjoy our expertise as remodeling and renovation professionals that give attention to the minutest details of your class, taste, budget, comfort, safety and reverence to your home as we conduct an excellence transformation of your kitchen. You deserve the best, we offer nothing but the best.



Our skilled and seasoned professionals are the reason behind our many years of unequalled excellence. They listen, think, strategies and carry out a perfect job on your kitchen according to your specifications. They simply give life to your kitchen dreams.

We are your renovation and remodeling experts, we are going to provide personal attention to every client and put their home, safety, comfort, and budget into perspective while executing the project. Contact us today for a free consultation!