​Clgary Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is often a good choice for busy or family households. It can be very low maintenance compared with other types of furniture covering such as cotton or velour. But to keep your leather furniture in top condition it still requires regular cleaning, and taking care of. At Day & Night Carpet Cleaning we realise that cleaning your leather furniture is a specialist job, and our operatives are trained to the highest standard to use the latest top of the range equipment to keep your leather furniture, not only looking great but also hygienically clean as well.

At Day & Night Carpet Cleaners we use the Von Schradar low moisture soil extraction system upholstery cleaning system to ensure a thorough but gentle cleaning of all your leather furniture. We apply the liquid used with a soft nylon brush to allow it to work itself deep into the grain of the leather. The liquid used will not harm any other fabric or upholstery.

After your leather furniture has been thoroughly cleaned we then apply a last touch to ensure that it feels as good as it looks. We apply a leather lotion that helps to keep the fabric fresh, soft and supple.The leather lotion is completely wax free and keeps leather soft and shiny and improves resistance to cracking.