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Calgary Upholstery Cleaning

Reliable Calgary upholstery cleaning and restoration
is widely regarded as the most advanced and thorough upholstery cleaning service anywhere in the Calgary Area. With over 2 decades of knowledge and thousands of upholstered sofas and chairs, superior techniques and experience, we have become the leaders in innovative upholstery cleaning, protection and restoration of fabrics.

At Day and Night Our skilled and certified upholstery cleaning technicians will identify your upholstery's fabric and determine the optimal upholstered furniture cleaning and protection methods before any work is done. our skilled technicians provide 4 upholstery cleaning methods and 3 types of upholstery fabric protection.

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care's extraction cleaning system meets and exceeds all Canadian and International Standards for corrective and procedural upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Calgary
Treat your upholstery to the very best cleaning and restoration in the Calgary Area. Our extraction cleaning system uses multiple upholstery cleaning technologies including:

STEAM CLEANING - using the latest methods in hot water extraction, Reliable's steam cleaning is the safest and most robust for your synthetics and blended materials. Your upholstery is revitalized and refreshed with minimal drying time.

DRY CLEANING - Our organic upholstery cleaning solvents are used on fine cotton, rayon and blends that require a dry cleaning only procedure. Odourless, non-toxic and safe for kids and pets.

HAND CLEANING - Certain upholstery fabrics require a brushing technique or hand scrubbing to loosen soils embedded in the upholstery materials. Reliable's skilled upholstery technicians use natural sponges and specially designed brushes to ensure maximum results for your difficult-to-clean upholstery.

SPECIALTY CLEANING - Antiques, rare and imported upholstery fabric, even water damaged upholstery, needs the special attention that only Reliable upholstery technicians can deliver. Upholstery cleaning methods includes delicate cotton treatment, Dry-Wet-Dry restoration, and encapsulation cleaning.
For upholstery pieces that require even greater attention to detail, Day and Night Calgary has a climate controlled restoration room. We clean and restore upholstered furniture to its original state, correct pH problems, clean damage caused by flooding, among many other cleaning problems.

We are experts in applying corrective cleaning solutions and extending the life of your valuable upholstery.